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About Charlotte

 Within minutes of meeting Charlotte, you will feel relaxed and at ease,

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          Charlotte receives excellent reviews and  “Guarantees that”

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Payments can be made by credit/debit cards PayPal or with cash

Charlotte is one of the UK’s leading Psychics


Charlotte is available to be booked for Corporate events, staff appreciation days , press events  Weddings & much more Pro active* Professional* Guaranteed to enhance the event* & can, dependent on availability, be booked at a moments notice

For Telephone or Skype Readings there are “Buy it Now” Buttons that allow you to pay by credit card or PayPal on the Book a Reading Page…Click on the  LINK to the LEFT, for overseas bookings…please see the London Clock on the same page.


…..Love….Romance….Career….Success….Life Path…..

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Mobile: 0750 7 660 664

I am a Member of the College of Psychic Studies and also

 A Consultant Member of the British Astrological and Psychic Society. Both of the UK’s highly respected organisations.

FaceBook–Charlotte Clairvoyant London


Charlotte is 1 of London s leading Psychics, vetted by The British Astrological and Psychic Society, she has worked at London s College of Psychic Studies and London’s School of Intuition and healing, appeared on Sky Tv, been aired on Radio 5 Live and is warmly received at events around the country (usually at weekends), when she is not at events you can see Charlotte in her home where she works from 11am to 7pm. Charlotte “guarantees that” You Will Enjoy Your Reading and that you will leave with a smile.

Short version in Blue

Charlotte, the youngest of 4 sisters,  Distant relative of the Famous Baron Tom LeFroy ( whom allegedly had an affair with Jane Austen) .

Charlotte (based in London) has natural abilities as a Psychic, Clairvoyant, Medium, Master Palmist and Tarot Card Reader, originally taught by her mother (Mediumship and Palmistry), uncannily, always had so much more knowledge than was taught.

She can link to those passed over very quickly and easily and is able to give very specific information that is guaranteed to amaze, with the aid of her Spirit Guides. (Information can also come directly from those passed over).

Her earliest memories of spirit is around the age of 3, this is common in a lot of Psychics and is probably due to the fact that, at this age we have not yet been conditioned into fearing the spiritual world and it is hard to recall memories prior to this.

Having enhanced her abilities by attending workshops and seminars around the country. (not too many though as she tends to enter as an advanced student/professional), complementing further her gifts, with her extraordinary ability as a Palmist. Charlotte is also a natural Healer… on an emotional level, many of the clients that sit in front of her end up in tears in a positive release, feeling much better for it. Also able to link into a selection of intuitive cards, constantly amazed at the consistency of the information given. Unbelievably, the same cards will appear on a second reading, providing consistency.

Respected at London’s College of Psychic Studies and has been invited back on a regular basis on their open evenings to demonstrate Palmistry, and has also gained accreditation from the British Astrological and Psychic Society (BAPS), which was founded by the famous British Astrologer Russell Grant in 1976 .  You will find Charlotte on their list of Consultants, having been passed under the disciplines of Mediumship, Clairvoyance and Palmistry. www.baps.uk.com

Charlotte aims to teach people by bringing together the knowledge that she has in each field. En-powering people with their own Spiritual Development. Tutoring people to connect to the spirit world, giving the student encouragement, self belief and confidence to deliver what they hear from spirit.

(sometimes we have information that we don’t pass on that is relevant, feeling apprehensive because the sitter is unable to take “some” of the information given, “at the time of the Reading”, (often confirms after chatting with relatives).

Continues to work and teach all over the uk, at events etc… as far up as York and down to Somerset, venturing into Cornwall this year. Also teaching Palmistry at the School of Intuition and Healing in Kings Cross London.

Charlotte has the letters CM BAPS after her name, awarded by the British Astrological and Psychic Society, in addition to the letters CeMAP, CeRGI that she gained in the Financial Services Industry for which she is regulated by the FSA.



Charlotte has appeared on Sky TV’s Psychic Channels.

Psychic & Soul Channel 885 working as a presenter / Psychic.

Psychic First on Sky Channel 885, as a presenter / Psychic.

Psychic Interactive on Sky Channel 886, now Psychic Today but decided not to work with the team.


A little experience on Bay.fm thanks to Donna Stewart!!!

BBC Radio 5 Live with Tim Samuels.

Bridge Radio 102.5 with Naz

Fubar Radio, London’s new uncensored internet radio with Olivia Lee

Missing People

Email a picture of the missing person to Charlotte with the words “missing person” and your mobile number

Give NO OTHER information and Charlotte will call you to arrange a free 20 minute consultation (THIS IS A COMPLETELY FREE SERVICE)………………………………..

Remember, all she wants to read is (missing person) and nothing else

No name, no Hi Charlotte and no this is blah blah blah

Charlotte’s Clients

Charlotte sees Clients from all walks of life, including the Rich and famous, Other well known and respected mediums/psychics as well as the general public she can also be booked for Corporate Events and Private Parties. Charlotte always always gets excellent reviews and “guarantees” that you will be amazed with your reading.  If you are a sceptic Charlotte would love to see you (Don’t be afraid).

*********************************************************************************************************************************** ***********************************************************************************************************************************

A Psychic Reading with Charlotte

Readings in Person, Over the Phone or On-Line by Skype

One of the most advanced readings you will ever have, Charlottes readings are Comprehensive & are GUARANTEED to IMPRESS.
Charlotte will tell you a little about your Past and Present and will focus on your future, if you wish, Charlotte can connect to those past over, Charlotte can also connect to friends and family that are still here. Charlotte receives excellent reviews and “guarantees” that You Will Enjoy Your Reading , if You Would Like to Book an Appointment with Charlotte, please Call Text or Email Now.

Charlotte is based close to the -Central Line- and is easy to get to.

House Cleansing

If you are experiencing unwanted activity in your home & want it to stop, call for free advice and receive a “FREE PACKAGE” with instructions and deal with the problem yourself, alternatively, as a general price guide, Charlotte will Cleanse your Property for £99 per bedroom (whole property treated) minimum charge of £299

I am a Member of the College of Psychic Studies and also a Consultant Member of the

British Astrological and Psychic Society. Both of the UK’s highly respected organisations.


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********************************************************************************************************************************** ********************************************************************************************************************************** Reviews

 Charlotte always gets great reviews, over the next couple of days I will scan Charlottes reviews book and copy direct to the website  :-)

Wow, Very perceptive and sensitive. Thank you Charlotte

Lynn T

Thank you so much. Amazing, very enlightening, Never have I met a soul so in tune with my own .

Love Kelly

Thank You. Amazing Reading, So many accuracies! I would recommend Highly


Very interesting, very insightful excellent – highly recommend Charlotte – explained things in a way could totally understand- much love, angel blessings in love and light

Julie X

Charlotte was accurate to a tee, she was insightful and picked up on the emotions of spirit – thank you so much feel like a weight has gone from my shoulders x


Charlotte is clearly very empathetic + sensitive – An enjoyable + interesting experience


Thank You. Lovely Reading


An excellent Reading. Very accurate was very impressed. Thank you X


An Absolutely fabulous reading-THANK YOU- a lot of very accurate sights from the past and future- definately will be back and tell my friends.

Pam C

Thank you for giving me an excellent reading.

Trish A

This lady is amazing. Everthing that was said to me was spot on. I never gave her any clues and she did not fish by asking questions. I truely believe that she is clairvoyant and has a beautiful and unique gift. I feel amazed by what she has said in my reading. Peace love.

Sylda xxx

The accuracy of this reading made me smile- I’m always amazed when people who I don’t know seem to know me better than I do. Thank you

Mark L

Fantastic reading. got me spot on. Some interesting times to come!

Wendy T

Very Good with what Charlotte said, very helpful. Thank you


I found my reading very interesting and insightful and very accurate. I am really pleased that I took the opportunity to broaden my horizons and open my mind to a new experience. I would definitely recommend Charlotte.


I found the reading spot on and interesting and would certainly come back again.


Very caring, sensitive reading.

Wendy C

Charlotte, the reading was really accurate and I’m sure it will help in boosting my self esteem. Also Exploring about my relationship with Dad and x helped me a lot. Definitely, I’ll recommend it to my friends.


Charlotte is very welcoming and has a very likeable personality that makes you feel comfortable. She was very quick to analyse my personality and aura without being prompted. Charlotte gave me a lot of great genuine advice from my reading! I highly recommend her! She made me feel a lot better and I hope everything she predicted comes to pass! Thank you very much’.


After just half a day already the readings have read true. Astonishing and accurate left me at points freaked out how accurate. Really good and even inspired me to channel my inner psychic.


HI Charlotte

In response to your telephone call today here is my review:

Charlotte is very professional and punctual with her sessions. She is very emphathetic and her personality shines in her readings. She is to the point and accurate, and advises you where needed. Her friendly nature makes it easy for you to talk to her about any issues you may have. Overall I feel that she is a good form of contact if you have any outstanding things you may want to resolve with a long lost love that has passed away. Her environment makes you feel comfortable and calm. If you want to see where your future lies and add a positive outlook on life then i would definatley recommend Charlotte.

Regards Cxxxxx Chana

Hi Charlotte.

Hope this review will be ok.

I lost someone very close to me 9 years ago and Charlotte was able to re-connect me to him and help me to shed a burden of guilt and regret that I have carried since then. I was initially sceptical but once Charlotte began to disclose information I knew she was the real thing. It was an experience that left me feeling like a new person and I will thank her eternally for that.”

am looking forward to seeing you again soon. x


 Workshops & Classes

Spiritual Development (In your own home) Earn while you learn!!

If you have a suitable room, it’s £80 Per Person (£15 to the host for each attendee)

Host attends for free.  :-)

Minimum number required dependant on location, whole of UK covered

10am to 6pm

For further information, Call, Text or Email


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 I am available for Readings: In person, Over the Phone, Via Skype, or by Email, If You Would Like To book a Reading with me, Please Call, Text or Email.  :-)

mob    0750 7 660 664

More to be added…Some venues to change, please keep updated via this website..  :-)


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2016                  2016                2016              2016



Manchester,Nexus Underwriting at BIBA 2016, Stand G20, Wednesday 11th/12th May, 10am to 5pm, Manchester Central Convention Complex, Windmill Street, M2 3GX, For more info Email: amobbs@nexusunderwriting.com or jedgley@nexusunderwriting.com









Crawley, Holistic & Mystic, Sunday 11th September, 10am to 5pm, Arora Hotel, Southgate Avenue, Crawley, RH10 6LW :-)



London’s Alexandra Palace, Prime Impact MBS Event, 21st 22nd & 23rd October, Alexandra Palace, Palm Court Entrance, London, N22 7AY, 1500 Free parking spaces, 10 minutes from Kings Cross & a FREE bus shuttle service every 30 minutes from Wood Green tube station :-)



Kempton Park, Holistic & Mystic, Saturday 19th November, 10am to 5.30pm & Sunday 24th 10am to 5pm, Kempton Park Racecourse, Stains Road East, Sunbury on Thames, TW16 5AQ :-)





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Meaning ‘clear hearing’. It is the ability to hear in a paranormal way. Someone with this ability can pick up thoughts and energies, hearing them as sounds, words,voices, and or ideas. May be heard within ones own mindbor aloud but not heard by others.


Meaning ‘clear tasting’. It is the ability to perceive tastes.


Meaning ‘clear emotion’. To feel the emotions of others.


Meaning ‘clear smelling’. It is the ability to perceive smells. (fragrances, cigarette smoke, odours etc


Meaning ‘clear feeling’. It is the ability to sense energy fields, via auras, vibrations, and the presence of spirits and entities. Sensations of emotions, pains, ailments can also be picked up. There is a prophetic use of this ability, you just know what is, have dreams that turn to reality.


Meaning ‘clear touching’. An ability to read via psychometry. An ability to touch an object or hold it and perceive Psychically information from the spirit/etheric realms.


Meaning ‘clear seeing’. It is the ability to perceive visually, to see images, symbols, colours, moving pictures (much like watching a dvd, on occasion as if being within the picture, a part of it, yet detached from, all within the mind’s eye, eyes may be open or closed.


Spirit that wishes to pass messages over

Palmistry (Cheiromancy)

A reading given from the study of hands. In the original Hebrew of the book of Job (chap. xxxvii ver 7.) we find these significant words, “God caused signs or seals on the hands of all the sons of men,that the sons of men might know their works.”

“Lines are not written in the human hand without reason, they emanate from heavenly influences and man’s own individuality.” Aristotle


Person that is having the reading.

Need to loose weight & want to slow down premature ageing

Must read!!!

Don’t miss out!!, the info is free, easy to understand & is contained within the paragraphs below.

Food & Health

Food, often referred to by doctors in relation to health but massively under valued by all. Doctors often claim, quite rightfully, fresh fruit and veg will keep you healthy, yet a documentary shown on tv explained, many of these foods were stored for unbelievable lengths of time at warehouses prior to being put on the shelfs in supermarkets. “Fresh in” is easily mistaken for “Fresh Food” Old fruit and Veg, regardless of how good it looks, degenerates over time and will not give you the health benefits of fresh fruit and veg. Many reasturants often purchase their foods from supermarkets or the low quality Cash & Carry outlets.

Sweeteners and Sliming foods

Funny thing this some Sweeteners although lower in calories make you put on weight due to the adverse affects they have on your liver. Some of the sliming foods are also higher in calories than the regular foods that they are an alternative to.


Zero FAT – but loaded with sugar

Zero Sugar – but loaded with fat

Zero everything- but loaded with sweeteners


Give the supermarkets a miss

Cut out the sliming foods

Cut out as much processed foods as possible, (Ready made meals etc)

No more Fast Food

Meat from the Butchers

Fish from the Fishmongers

Fruit and Veg from the Farm Shop

Salt, loaded to levels in much of the processed foods that cause you to overdose easily, salt dehydrates you and removes water from your blood causing it to be less runny, this puts stress on your heart and other important organs in your body, salt and sugar, probably 2 of the worlds primary causes of early death and beleived to be a major factor in prematurely ageing the humans largest organ (the skin) appears to be promoted by supermarkets & food manufacturers all over the UK

Don’t forget, it’s not just your health your looking after, it’s the family too

Give this a try also, (IF YOU NEED TO LOOSE WEIGHT) Couldn’t be easier, you will be surprised at the results

After a gentle stretch and warm up, 30 seconds of vigorous exercise first thing in the

morning and just before lunch.

Increase daily to a maximum of 2 minutes

email me after 1 month with the good news


Global Cancer rates are expected to increase 50% by the year 2020 according to the latest report from the international agency for research on cancer. (IARC), a branch of the World Health Organisation and don’t let anybody fool you into thinking that the cancer rate increase is because the population is getting older- these rates are age adjusted.

Here is a quote from the internet.

In 1969 my mother was 30, she had a 1 in 20 chance of developing Breast Cancer. Today I am 30, my chances are 1 in 8.

Don’t take this lightly 1 in 3 people used to get cancer, it is now much closer to 2 in every 3.


Personally I love and use these, said to have the power to aid healing, very beautiful and an asset to any home, but not scientifically tested (as far as I know)


Charlotte believes that although there are many religions, there is only one God, he is Just known to us by many different names.


Contact Details (I love hearing from you) :-)

When emailing for an appointment, please add your mobile number.

comments or questions are welcome.

* indicates required field

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 I am “very flexible” and work from 11am to 7pm.  :-)  


mobile:- 07507 660 664

Charlottes Friends

Charlotte is one of the UK’s leading Psychics


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