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Charlotte is one of the Uk's leading Psychics, she is an amazing Platform medium. Charlotte is the youngest of 4 sisters, distant relative of the Famous Baron Tom Leroy ( allegedly the Muse for Jane Austen's Mr Darcy of Pride and Prejudice. Charlotte (based in London) has natural abilities as a Psychic, Clairvoyant, Medium, Master Palmist and Tarot Card Reader, Originally taught by her mother ( Mediumship and Palmistry), uncannily, always had so much more knowledge than was taught. She can link to those passed over very quickly and easily and is able to give very specific information that is guaranteed to amaze, with the aid of her spirit guides and your own family members that wish to connect or just give you some guidance. ( Information can also come directly from those passed over). Her earliest memories of spirit are around the age of 3, this is common in a lot of Natural Psychics and is probably due to the fact that, it is hard to recall memories prior to this. Having enhanced her abilities by attending workshops and seminars around the country. ( Not too many though as she tends to enter as an advanced student/professional), complimenting further her gifts, with her extraordinary ability as a Palmist. Charlotte is also a natural Healer... on an emotional level, many of the clients that sit in front of her end up in tears i a positive release, feeling much better for it. Also able to link into a selection of intuitive cards, Constantly amazed at the consistency of the information given. Unbelievable, the same cards will appear on a second reading, (different set of cards) providing clarity. Respected at London's College of Psychic Studies and has been invited back on a regular basis on their open evenings to demonstrate Palmistry, and has also gained accreditation from the British Astrological and Psychic Society ( BAPS), which was founded by the famous British Astrologer Russell Grant in 1976 ( sadly disbanded on 25th March 2018) Charlotte was on their list of Consultants, having been passed under the disciplines of Mediumship, Clairvoyance and Palmistry, Charlotte aims to teach people, by bringing together the knowledge that she has in each field. En-powering people with their own Spiritual Development. Tutoring people to connect to the Spirit World, giving the student encouragement, self-belief and confidence to deliver what they hear from spirit. ( sometimes we have information that we don't pass on that is relevant, feeling apprehensive because the sitter is unable to take "some" of the information given."at the time of the Reading". ) quite often the sitter then confirms after chatting with relatives and or friends). Continues to work and teach all over the uk, at events etc... as far up as York and down to Somerset, venturing into Cornwall. Also teaching Palmistry at the School fo Intuition and Healing in Kings Cross London. Charlotte has the letters CM BAPS after her name, awarded by the British Astrological and Psychic Society, in addition to the letters CeMAP, CeRGI that she gained in the Financial Services Industry for which she was regulated by the FSA. Media/Television. Charlotte has also appeared on Sky TV's Psychic Channels. Psychic and Soul sky Channel 885 working as a Presenter/Psychic. Psychic First on Sky Channel 885, as a Presenter/Psychic. Psychic Interactive on Sky Channel 886, Now called Psychic Today. Radio. A little experience on thanks to Donna Stuart!!!! BBC Radio 5 Live with Tim Samuels. Bridge Radio, 102.5 with Naz Furbar Radio, London's new uncensored internet radio with Olivia Lee. Ans was regularly aired Live on with David Hailwood, the internet Station based in France. Missing People Email a picture of the missing Person to Charlotte with the words "missing person" and your mobile number. GIVE NO OTHER information and Charlotte will call you to arrange a 20 minute consultation ( this will only cost £10) Charlotte's Clients. Charlotte sees Clients from all walks of life, including professionally Qualified people in the Medical, Financial, Legal, Engineering and Scientific Services etc, the Rich and Famous, over well known and respected mediums/psychics as well as the general public. Charlotte always always receives excellent reviews and "guarantees" that you will be amazed with your reading. If you are a sceptic Charlotte would love to see you ( Don't be afraid).
Charlotte Codrai
Psychic, Medium, Clairvoyant, Palmist, Tarot Reader, Dowser, Remote Viewer

Charlotte Codrai

Charlotte “Guarantees that ” You Will Enjoy Your Reading and that you will leave with the knowledge that you need.


What People have to say about Charlotte

Hi Charlotte

sorry been really busy wanted to email you my review on my reading on the 29th May 2018

Had a Reading with Charlotte 25/05/2018 was my 2nd reading.

Charlotte the 1st time around was jaw dropping accurate, she predicted stuff that hadn’t happened but subsequently came true, so just had to see her again (5 years space). Charlotte is a very talented medium the stuff she told me no one knew she was absolutely amazing. At times I felt like my jaw was on the floor with sheer amazement to how she would now that. A must for any psychic lover, a definite for any skeptic, just wait to be amazed. there’s just not enough words in the dictionary to describe this truly blessed and talented lady. Thank you for an amazing reading Charlotte, I’ll keep you posted when everything comes true def picking my paint brush up very soon and def going to train somehow to be a healer. Had a sighting of patch don’t know if it’s him but won’t be giving up and will bring him home as soon as poss miss my little mate.

Thank you


A must for any psychic lover, a definite for any skeptic

I lost someone very close to me 9 years ago and Charlotte was able to reconnect me to him and help me to shed a burden of guilt and regret that I have carried since then. I was initially sceptical but once Charlotte began to disclose information i knew she was the real thing. It was an experience that left me feeling like a new person and I will thank her eternally for that.


After just half a day already the readings have read true. Astonishing and accurate left me at points freaked out how accurate. Really good and even inspired me to channel my inner psychic.


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