Nutrition Strategies, Meditation and Cold Showers
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Nutrition Strategies, Meditation and Cold Showers

Nutrition Strategies, Meditation and Cold Showers

Nutrition is one of the most important strategies to put into your daily life for balance and wellbeing. It is important that you have balance for that holistic perspective. The human body is an absolutely amazing piece of machinery, knowing exactly what you need but in this day and age with out fast life styles and fast food. Everything to be had now, to feed and maintain the no time to do anything factor. This lifestyle is obviously not the healthiest for us.

Did you know that our bodies are hosts to other living organisms, without which, we ourselves would not be healthy. There are so many little organisms – bacteria that we need in order to break down our food and aid in our digestion process. These tiny microscopic living organisms called microbiome come in their multitudes.  Too much can make us unwell but the right balance regulates our food balance intake and to some extent controls our digestive system. if your Gut flora is off-balance, rest assured you will be off-balance.

If you have heard of the term that your stomach is your second brain, then you would not be wrong. Your stomach has as many nerve endings as a cats brain, so is it any wonder that when you feel anxious you feel it in your stomach, when you are in an altered state, you also feel your clairsentience within your stomach. Some of the best foods to take in order to rectify your gut flora are:

  • Prebiotic which are: onions, leeks and Dandelion. There isn’t any scientific proof that prebiotics actually work but it is worth giving them a shot. If in doubt paste prebiotics into google and initiate a little research of your own.
  • Probiotics, which are bacteria, such as acidophilus and bio bacillus. You can find them in certain tablets/supplements and other foods such as Kefir a polish yogurt drink, which has about 8 different types of bacteria in it. Sauerkraut, which smells disgusting but actually tastes alright albeit a bit fizzy, which is from the many bacteria in it. No good buying from a well-known supermarket outlet or you will end up with a pasteurised version, which will have all of the good bacteria killed off. (however the elderly and infirm would need to check with their Doctors first as this can exacerbate infections in some cases. These bacteria may reduce anxiety, sleep problems and in some instances change the way you view food and promote weight loss. However, where weight problems are involved, such as emotional eating, your relationship with food would benefit being looked into.
  • Further enhance your wellbeing with Meditation. Meditation has so many different capabilities and a couple in particular are peace and harmony within your own mind and body. As only 30% of stress is external, the other 70% we create ourselves. You can choose any great meditation for yourself, or look at my online shop in order to purchase one of the cds that I have produced. Meditation can reduce anxiety and stress and if while you are meditating you focus your mind on certain parts of your body, not only can it reduce stress but you may be able to focus your anti bodies to remove or partially remove fat cells or other bad cells, however if you embark on this journey it would be an experimental adventure of your own, despite reports of positive physical changes when illness is present in what ever form.
  • Another wonderful self-help remedy that you could you is ‘A Cold Shower!” I now it sounds scary but it releases positive feel good endorphins into your body that help irradiate, anxiety, stress and depression. Give it a go, you can’t say it doesn’t work unless you have tried it. I have actually tried it and you only need about 30 seconds to 1 minute of freezing, gasping breath water… to feel a difference. I would not condone it, if I had not tried it. I also use prebiotics and probiotics. Well worth a shot.

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